Wakefield City Youth & Community Project was set up in 2013. Wakefield City Youth & Community Project is based in Central Wakefield.

We deliver a range of Positive and diverse activities such as running a youth club, Youth cafe and delivering sport sessions. We support children and young people to access advice, guidance and planned personal and social activities and events.

Our aim is to promote a positive image of our diverse community which integrates children and young people from all walks of life, through public participation in a multi-cultural community. We do this by:

• Providing a safe and positive environment for Children & young people at time when they may be vulnerable.

• Promoting sport and physical activities, health, and community recreation and play facilities.

• Planning and delivering seasonal and multi-cultural events focusing on community cohesion and social integration.

We want to make sure that Children & Young people can be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic wellbeing. We also focus on national issues that affect the local community, this includes:

• Raising the awareness of CSE, Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime, and Islamophobia and aim to tackle these issues.

• Working with children & young people who are NEET (Not in Employment Education Training) to provide them training & job Opportunities to improve their personal development plan and future career aspects.

• Tackling poverty.

• Giving Young People a voice by empowering and inspiring them.

• Tackling anti-social behaviour by developing a neighbourhood watch in the community.

• We provide community engagement activities by tackling health inequalities by raising awareness on Mental Health and Dementia. We also promote community cohesion and social integration by Bringing Communities Together.